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About Alberto Cerriteno Merchandise

 Welcome and thank you for visiting !  Alberto Cerriteno Merchandise  started with the idea of creating custom apparel and accessories that positively impact ourselves and the people around us. You should know that we’ve been serving our valued customers for more than 1 years! Over the years we tried to keep our philosophy simple: 1) Quality 2) Great Prices 3) Excellent Customer Service Embracing the positive energy found in each of us as inspiration,  Alberto Cerriteno Merchandise  captures the human spirit while accentuating the culture, love, music and light around us all. We’re here to help you wear your story! With the brightest minds in the business, we bring you the freshest ideas and coolest/cutest designs every day. Though we started as a simple t-shirt company with big dreams, we’ve expanded our reaches to help you tell your story in every way possible. SOME REASONS FOR YOU TO SHOP: You can shop with confidence, we’re not someone